Keep Track of Your Beloved One's with GPS Technology

Family Safety provides extra degree of safety by tracking your beloved one's location when ever you require, or at particular time intervals,

or at a specified time, and helping to keep them safe. This application will work on all android phones and tablets.


Location Tracking

Location at regular pre-set time intervals:To track your child location for every one hour, set time interval as one hour. Then you will get location at every hour.

Location at time instance:get location for a particular time, every day. To track the location of your kid/friend/wife/parents every evening at 5'O clock, set remainder time as 5pm. Then you will get location at 5pm every day.If you want to get location at 5pm only today, then select option "Once" from the drop down.


Location tracking through SMS: Your Guardian can get your mobile location by sending SMS (REQUEST LOCATION) as content.

Cell Phone Tracker:This Application also acts as a cell phone tracker, helping you identify lost, misplaced or stolen phones via the SMS feature. Just send an SMS (REQUEST LOCATION) to the phone to retrieve the current location.

Panic Alert

Danger Identifier:If you are in a situation where you can't take out your phone and call your guardian, just press power button 4 times, our application will send your current location to your guardian phone.